Our Outdoor Environment

We Pride Ourselves on our Large, Outside Area-A Spacious, Safe, Quiet Haven in a Busy World where the Children have lots of Opportunity for Planned and Coincidental Learning Opportunities.



Not forgetting the All Important Mud Kitchen!




We have transformed a corner of their garden to bring the cooking experience to the outdoor environment which the children can explore through play. Since the arrival of the mud kitchen there has been an exciting hive of activity in this once forgotten corner of the garden. The children have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the creation of mud pies, mud curry, mud ready brek, mud soup, mud tea, and not forgetting muddy cakes! The different sized spoons, trays and pans provided, allow the children to explore capacity and quantity. As the children move the mixture through different containers they investigate  the mathematical concepts of space shape and measure. Providing real world tools allows the children to practice moving and handling them effectively and safely. Baking trays and small spoons encourage the children to refine their fine motor skills and allow for focused concentration.

The mud kitchen ingredients (which include sawdust, wood chippings, straw, leaves and the all important mud and water), provide opportunities for the children to explore a range of textures and notice a change in consistency in the mixtures they create. Children are encouraged to dress themselves in protective clothing including an all-in-one and wellies. This repeated practice enables the children to practice forward planning and self help skills. Since the mud kitchens first arrival at ABC it has evolved and expanded to incorporate a picnic bench and mud mark making board, which enables further opportunities to access different elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Next step – exploring the washing up!


Our Sensory Garden and Music Corner



A garden is a place where our senses are stimulated. What distinguishes a sensory garden from a traditional garden environment are features with particular sensory qualities. Our Sensory and Music Garden has the intention of creating a stimulating and beneficial environment to promote interaction – where the whole ethos is to encourage children to explore, touch, smell or taste, and interact with particular plants, features or musical objects.

The Builders Yard




Within this area of Play, imagination and the exploration of being a builder is explored. Childen are encourage to learn about the names and uses of different tools, safety measures and how to construct simple structures, such as a wall.


The Water Wall


This area supports children in learning all about different ways they can explore and investigate through the use of water. Items such as measuring jugs, paint brushes, spay bottles and water tubes encourage children to help extend their learning and ideas.


Our All Weather Outdoor Classroom




Talking Tubes

Outdoor Mark Making


Bug Hotel too!



We have recently built a 'Bug Hotel' which is situated in the corner of our garden. The idea of having this 'hotel' is to enourage the children to find any bugs within our garden and home them in the 'hotel'. Through this, children will learn all about the diffrent variety of bugs that they find.

Gardening Club

We are Fortunate to be able to offer All year Round Gardening Opportunities-Outside tending Plants, Observing Flora and Fauna and in inclement Weather using our Play Pod.




Children Can and Love to Garden!

We are able to Plant a Range of Seasonal Bulbs and Seeds, Create and Maintain Flower Beds, Grow Seasonal Crops, Maintain and Identify those Weeds and take part in Pruning the Gardens Bushes and Trees. We aim to make it great Fun while ensuring Childrens Learning Outcomes are Met.

We also involve the Children in a number of Ecological Projects; one of them being the Wormery-The worms seem to devour anything we put in; cooked food, uncooked food, even shredded paper – they Love it All! We add the compost to house plants and containers, and use it when planting out new plants in the Garden. The Organic Liquid produced gives our Plants in the Garden a real Boost. Our Water Butts Reduce Mains Water useage for Environmental and  Economical Reasons whilst Promoting an Element of Self-Sufficiency. Children can independently collect the water in a Variety of Ways and Use it to Water Their Plants and to Clean Their Equipment. We also involve the children in Sorting, Identifying and Recycling Materials such as Paper, Plastic and Tins.

Look what the Children are saying ......

"The Leaves go into the Compost Bin"

"I Want to Help Kelly with Planting the Seeds"