Look what we've been up to!

Look what we've been up to



                                      Wintry and Christmas activities begin!


Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Egg Hunt





Sports Day  - Preschool children

The Preschool Children took part in their annual Sports Day Event. We had a BIG turn out this year. The children took part in several races as well as the Mums and Dads taking part in their own race! all children received medals and certificates for their winning achievements and we all had a Picnic after the event.

Hurdle Race


Egg and Spoon Race




Mums and Dads Race


Picnic Time


Summer Trip




Parents Evening 2015




Graduation Day




Staff raise money by taking part in a GLOW RUN


(information and to follow)


Pumpkin Carving Evening


Parents and Children took part in a fun Pumpkin Carving Evening. Children and their Parents were able to design, carve and display their pumpkins that Evening, they also had a Pumpkin Story with yummy biscuits and Pumpkin soup to eat afterwards. 

For more information about the evening and what the children have achieved developmentally, please follow the link HERE



Children in Need



Children have dressed in their Pajamas today and throughout the week have made cakes and cookies to sell for donations. We raised an amazing £100.



Our Christmas Party


All the Children got to visit the Elf in the Grotto and receive a special present from the Elf



All the children got to create a range of Christmas goodies, such as:

reindeer food for the reindeer and crowns



All the children took part in the Christmas Carols. They all sang a collection of Christmas songs to their parents and families, some of the pre-school children even wore costumes and had props for some of the songs.

A Police Officer, Fire Brigade and the Dentist visited the Pre school at ABC Nursery



All the Preschool Children got to meet the Police Officer today. They spoke about being safe and 'stranger danger' awareness. All the children got to look inside a real police car aswell.



The Dentist paid a visit to the Preschool room. She spoke about healthy eating and the importance of brushing their teeth in the morning and before bedtime. All the children were given their every own toothbrush and toothpaste to take home.



The children got to learn all about fire safety and who works in the fire department. They got to try on fireman outfits and hats, learn through a range of learning games and resources and share any experinces they may have had or seen of fire engines and fires.

Mothers Day




Bee's Room

The Book Corner



Butterflies Room

(images coming soon)


Ladybirds Room

The Book Corner

The Sensory Corner