Here at ABC Nursery, we are always striving to go the extra mile and work towards providing opportunities for children and staff to extend their learning and experience new things.


'Eat Well' Award 2016! 



ABC Nursery earn healthy eating award

ABC DAY Nursery situated in Bowerhill have been awarded Wiltshire Council’s, Eat Out Start Well award.

After gaining a five out of five rating in their recently refurbished kitchen, the Environmental Health Officer liked their  menu so much, she put the nursery forward for the award.

To gain this award ‘Kelly in the kitchen’ as the children know her, had to pass a nutrition course. The menu was then assessed by a member of Wiltshire Council’s public protection service, Joanna Sheath.

Nursery manager, Tanya Powell said, “Joanna has been extremely helpful with her wide range of knowledge on various foods and how to provide a healthy diet.

It’s great to be awarded for something we have worked hard to achieve and it makes it good to know that the meals we are providing the children are at the right balance and of good nutritional value to help them grow. It’s a bonus when I hear the children saying how yummy their dinners are.

At ABC Nursery we now have a new layout to our menu showing how we provide the children with a healthy balanced diet. We provide all information on our menus from breakfast, snack time, lunchtime through to teatime. We also have a summer menu and a winter menu to provide seasonal produce throughout the year.

At our nursery we haven’t stopped there! It’s important that children from a young age learn about healthy eating and a healthy balanced diet so we recently participated in Healthy Eating Week. We have done many activities with the children teaching them all about food and drink, exercise, looking after our bodies and how to keep healthy. Even the baby room have tasted new foods such as avocado and passion fruit.

We have introduced fruit and vegetables in play time and made our own healthy wraps and pizzas. The children have created their very own healthy food plate which shows them how to eat a balanced diet. They even had a visit from the dentist. We have a sports coach come to our nursery twice a week where the children participate in fun physical activities showing them the importance or exercise. We have Muddy Monday Gardening Club where the children grow their own vegetables such as tomatos, runner beans and fresh herbs.

All these things will prepare our young children for the future. Healthy bodies, healthy mind, healthy life.”

ABC Play Pod

We are very excited to have created our own version of the Scrap store' play pod'. We have converted one of our garages situated in the children's garden into a space to store ' loose parts ' and large scrap materials.

The aim is to encourage the children to select these open ended resources and use them for stimulating, facilitating and enhancing their play. 'Loose part's are the flexible elements within a play environment. They are the fuel which feeds the fire of children’s imaginations and playful intentions. The greater the diversity of loose parts offered to children, the greater the range of play interactions. These interactions enable open ended exploration through play leading to learning by 'doing'. This provides opportunities for inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery.

Important learning outcomes, including behaviour management, conflict resolution, intervention, risk management, teamwork, effective communication and valuing play are achieved.

We need your help! Do you or anybody you know have any of the above resources to help us stock the Play Den?