Our ethos is based on capturing the children’s imagination through play whilst developing the whole child working within the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) curriculum. Children concentrate initially on three prime areas before moving onto four specific core areas.

The three prime areas for development are:

Personal, Social and Emotional

Developing confidence and independence in play as well an ability to play co-operatively and become part of a larger group.

Communication and Language

Developing skills in listening, speaking and understanding


The development of moving and handling skills enabling children to explore control and coordination using large and small movements. Children will be given the opportunity to handle equipment and tools effectively including writing implements. Health and self-care is explored with children becoming able to know the importance of good health including physical exercise and a healthy diet whilst attending to their own basic hygiene and personal needs including dressing and independent toileting.

The four core areas for development are:


Practical activities are designed to promote understanding of mathematical concepts allowing children to become aware of shape, space and measure.

Understanding the World

Developing understanding and knowledge of the environment and the world around us both current and past. Aspects include science, technology, history and geography.

Expressive Arts and Design

Stimulating imagination and the expression of a child’s ideas creatively often involving music and art.


Encouraging the development of conversational and listening skills in to foster an appreciation of books, stories, poems and rhyme developing skills to become writers.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The nursery concentrates on providing the characteristics of effective learning to enable a child to become an effective leaner the EYFS identifies inter-changeable characteristics which help children to learn. Being aware of these characteristics enables key workers to support and extend a child’s learning whilst the child is involved in play. The nursery concentrates on providing the characteristics of effective learning:

Playing and exploring

Engagement; finding out and exploring and being willing to “have a go”.

Active learning

Motivation, being involved and concentrating, keep trying and enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Creating and thinking critically

Having their own ideas, making links, choosing ways to do things